Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey Ryder, ya wanna take a little trip?

So Thursday morning we were doing the normal...

Then my mom called. It was Grandma's birthday, Renita was in town, family was coming over for dinner and I'd had a rough night at work. SO... I said, "Ryder, ya wanna take a little trip?" I called Daniel, told him we were hittin' the road and within a few hours we were in Mesquite. I love the fact that we are close enough to do that now! I only told my mom I was coming, so it was a fun little surprise for the rest of them - to see Ryder that is!

Here's Grandma (Queen for the Day)

Ryder got to meet his crazy Aunt Renita, the Great. We decided that sounded much more impressive than "great aunt"

Just chillin' Friday morning.

Unfortunately we had to head back Friday afternoon (work! boo!) and couldn't stay for Grandma William's 80th b-day! But, it was definitely worth this quick little trip and we'll be back next weekend for a wedding and should also get to see baby Trapper! (We're awaiting his arrival as we speak - any time now!)

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Pmimmy said...

So cute!!! I love those rolly fat legs. :-) You look a lot like your Aunt Renita, Beth! So glad you live close enough to go visit for the day. That's wonderful.