Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little Cowboy...Little Monkey.

Yesterday Ryder went through several outfits - 4 to be exact! This is fairly typical, but it still made me laugh as they seemed have a theme. It was like "dress up" for a little boy. The 1st was the dino PJ's, the 2nd was the "little cowboy" onsie, the 3rd was the robot onsie and the 4th was the "little monkey" outfit. And while he was lounging I couldn't resist taking a picture of the "ROLLS" that seem to be growing by the day on his little legs! I mean, we're talking sumo wrestler rolls!

And speaking of little monkeys... Ryder is getting WAY more wiggly & mobile! This wouldn't be very funny if it had happened, but since it didn't I can laugh. I was getting ready and Ryder was asleep on the couch in the boppy turned long ways on the couch (no where near the edge). I heard him waking and went in to check on him and he was just stretching a bit, so I walked away for a minute. I came back in and he had some how wiggled down and was turned sideways with his head hanging over the edge about to slide on off the couch! I screamed... and then laughed! THEN later in the afternoon he was playing in the floor on his mat and I heard a clang and went in and he'd pulled the arch with the toys off and on top of him. I put it back and about 3 minutes later - there it went again! He was smiling as if he did it on purpose! (see below!)

And the last outfit lost its top after being spit up on! I gave up at that point and said he'd have to wait till the next set of PJ's! He had a long day...

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rld03 said...

I love his fat little belly picture! He looks like he's striking a pose. Maybe he's taking after Chad. :)