Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July, Little Firecracker!

To kick off the big 4th of July family weekend my parents came down Friday morning. Ryder got all ready for the big day in his "Little Firecracker" shirt (which I bought a month ago and now doesn't really fit and kept rolling up all day, leaving his belly hanging out)!

We grilled burgers at the house and had a yummy lunch.

Then we headed out for the evening festivities! We went downtown by the lake where the Austin Symphony plays and they do fireworks. It was pretty spectacular.

We didn't really know how Ryder would do with the fireworks. And he did get a little spooked when the cannons (yes, real cannons) went off during the symphony's performance of the 1812 Overture! But once the fireworks began he was really into it and didn't take his eyes off of them...

That is until his eyes CLOSED
and he slept right through the very noisy finale! People were cheering, the symphony was blaring, the fireworks got super loud...and he got super sleepy!

It did take an hour & a half just to get out of the parking garage afterwards, but overall we had an amazing day together! Happy 4th!!!

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