Friday, September 2, 2011

Beach Trip!

Yes, I know.  I still have a blog.  It's been crazy.  More on all the updates later, but I could not go with out blogging about our beach trip!  (Since that's where I last left off!)  In late July we went on a beach trip to Florida!  We went with my parents and yes we drove with both kids... actually all of us in the big 'burb.  :)  We stayed on 30A in Sea Grove.  We loved the area.  It's east of Destin and Sea Grove is between Seaside & Rosemary.  We stopped each way in Hattiesburg, MS at my Aunt Renita's.  We left Saturday morning, we took a LOT of stops along the way, but we made it to the beach by mid day Sunday.
On the road...
This sign made me laugh so much.
View from our condo.  Beach views, but a little walk to the beach.  Check out that white sand!
Paisley, stylin' and ready to hit the beach!
Mimi & Poppy building sandcastles.  Love this.
The first day on the beach was Monday... July 25th - our 8th Anniversary!  :)  Daniel spent that day in Panama city getting the brakes on the Suburban fixed because they conveniently decided to go out on our way down there!!  But that afternoon after the kids woke up from naps we went back out to the beach (and let Mimi & Poppy go out on their own Anniversary date night!) and we spent the evening out there watching the sun go down and it was perfect.  
These pictures turned out to be my favorite because they are so simple and capture the kids on the beach perfectly.
They really had fun on the beach in general.  They played in the sand for hours.  Ryder made lots of friends... especially ones with buckets and trucks! :)  He really enjoyed burying Daddy...
And Poppy! :)
This makes me laugh!  I think she was actually stumbling, but it totally looks like she's striking a pose!
Me, hiding from the sun.  
Mimi & Paisley girl
The kids checking out Mimi's bike she rented... people ride bikes everywhere down there which I think is so cool.
Chillin with Daddy.  
Love this face! ;)
Watching Mimi paint (While the storm rolls in!)
So it rained several days in the morning. but we made the best of it.  Although the kids didn't really understand, so they went a little nutty...
We finally gave up one morning and headed out to do some shopping.  We went to Seaside to have lunch.  I just LOVED Seaside.  Everything about it was adorable.  It's such a family oriented town and just so fun.  They have part of the square lined with these cool airstream trailers.  We had lunch at this place - The Meltdown - Grilled Cheeses!  I had a goat cheese, procuitto & arugula (yes, I still remember!)
We shopped around...
And had ice cream... he met his match!
Mimi & Paisley sharing some ice cream

That night Daniel and I went out on a date night!  We spent the afternoon over in Rosemary beach, which is beautiful and then we had dinner at Cafe 30A which was great... Lobster :) 
Then we went over to Seaside to watch the sunset and hangout.
Love him.
So the last night we got dressed and went down to the beach at sunset to take some family pics.  The first one was the best!  It went down hill (or down beach from there!) :)
My sweet parents, married 33 years!
One big happy...
LOVE this!
He kept trying to pick her up for some reason!
Then we got a sweet one...
We went over to have dinner in Seaside the last night.  The kids were tired and loopy... well, maybe we all were!  (Did I mention the kids didn't sleep past 6:30AM one day of the 7 day trip!?!) :)
Florida + my hair =
Funny Face time...
Her turn!
We headed out the next day for the trip back.  Paisley & her fish purse that her Daddy got her :)
Poppy & mini poppy...
The kids & Aunt Renita.  They LOVE her.
It was a good trip.  Vacations with kids are work, but it was fun and we made LOTS of memories for sure!


Erin said...

Precious pictures - love how natural they are, just playing in the sand. We love Seaside too - my favorite beach for sure.

becallen54 said...

Awesome pics! Love that you got to show them the beach. They are very well traveled. lol