Friday, July 8, 2011

:best friends::

 Tuesday afternoon (after NO naps & dr appt.) we were at Costco.  The kids were together side by side in the double cart... driving me completely nuts.  They were just picking at each other, going back & forth between laughing, screaming, amusing people passing by, whining and squealing hysterically.  Toward the end of the {not so pleasant for me} trip Ryder leans over, arm tightly around Paisley's neck and says, "Paiseeeey, you're my best friend.  Am I your best friend?"  To which she leans over and gives him a sweet kiss.
As stressed as I was in the moment, I just wanted to freeze it in time.
I took these pics as we were leaving Chuys in Waco on our way home Monday night.  It says it all.

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Erin said...

So, so, so sweet Beth! I pray that my son will love his soon-to-be baby brother or sister as much as Ryder obviously loves Paisley...., and that they will be best friends. I truly believe that is what every parent desires in their children. So happy that you are seeing that already at such a young age.