Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to school (and life!)

Here's a brief synopsis of the things I skimmed over in the summer....
We were BUSY.
Daniel got a new job.
It was really hot.
I finally quit Starbucks(!)
It was even hotter.
Perfectly Paisley was CRAZY busy.  {More on that later!}
It was miserably hot.
Ryder's collarbone drama continued, but is hopefully healed now.
We dodged all the wildfires (one about 5 miles from us).  See "HOT."
Daniel got newer job!!  
We did some fun stuff - the circus, lots of splashpads, birthday parties, parks & pools (swim lessons got canceled due to the collarbone drama - next year)!

So now it's fall (sorta... it's still HOT) and we're getting back in the swing of things.  More updates and blogs coming soon... promise.  
A couple weeks ago Ryder started back to SCHOOL.  He really missed it this summer.  Every couple days he'd ask if it was time to go back yet!  
 Ready to go!  Showing off his new school shoes!
Giving sister a big hug!
 Yay!  Let's go!!!
 Found his name in the hallway!  Happy to be back!
 In the ladybug room.  
He seems to love his new teacher.  The only tears on the first day were those of Paisley who wanted to stay!  Her & I have been having some sweet time together while brother's gone though!

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