Monday, September 19, 2011

Our little Birdie turns 2

We celebrated sweet little Paisley's 2nd birthday last week in Dallas with family & friends.  Paisley has always loved birds.  She started saying, "birdie!" really early on, loves saying "Tweet, Tweet!" & sees them everywhere!  Plus she's our little bity birdie... so I went with the theme!  I hadn't really seen it done with birthdays (mainly baby showers) but it was fun.  I'll go into more details on my Perfectly Paisley site soon!   There are lots of pics of sweet Paisley (but lots of decor pics first, b/c that's what I do these days!!)  
The invite.  I might start selling these pinwheel invites soon...
 Finally did a wreath for my own girl :)
 The party girl is ready!  Found her this fun little outfit at a boutique in Fredericksburg called Beulah's and of course Birdie & Peanut made us a custom hair accessory!  ;)
 Birthday Banner!
 All of the cute little birdhouses were made by Daniel's grandfather... and well, you see what I did with them.  Don't think he'd ever seen them looking like this before!
Cupcakes!  Lemon with strawberry filling.  Mmm.
 Little birdie cookies.
 Mommy/Grandma favors- handsoaps
 Kiddie favors 
 Let's get this party started!  Ryder & Tyler take off...
 I've seen this before, and Paisley LOVES to color & paint, so we let the kids paint on the fence and they had fun... and didn't make to much of a mess!
 The grandparents watching...
 Aunt "Sawah" 
 Ryder & Tyler chillin'
 Grammy steals a moment with Paisley girl
 Paisley & Grandmommie
 My sweet friend Bridgette came in town for the weekend too!  Loved having her & her mom there!!!
 Mimi & Paisley
 Cake time!  I have to stop and preface this... We were on our way to Dallas and about 2 hrs into the trip, Paisley's asleep, Ryder's digging in his backpack that he packed himself and suddenly I hear a HARMONICA playing.  I was like, "Ryder!  Why did you bring that!?!"  And he says, "BeCAUSE, I need to practice and play it while we sing 'Happy Birthday' to Paisley!"  I laughed and said ok.  Well, he did not forget.  Except the moment we decided to sing he panicked when he couldn't find it.  We waited, he found it and it was THE most precious moment of the day.  He played the whole way through while everyone sang.  And she just starred at him.  LOVE how they are together.  And at the end everyone clapped and laughed and without skipping a beat Ryder says, "Ha, I learned that 2 months ago!"  LOL.  The little HAM.  
 Paisley & Grandma - Paisley has 4 great-grandmothers!
 Present time!  She was so sweet & funny with the gifts.  She opened some cards and said "MONNNEY!"  And she took her time looking at every little thing.
 Ohhh, sleepy moment...
 Dress up time! :)
 New blanket from Grammy!
 Her new apron and cooking stuff...
Bridgette, Paisley & Me
 Me & my girl!
Luke & Ryder
 And, wait for it... the family pic!  lol...
 After the shindig...  love her.  love this.
 And this...
We had a great day and again are so blessed by our sweet family and friends that love to celebrate with us.  Our little birdie had fun turning 2!

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