Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paisley Rose is TWO.

Today our little Paisley Rose is 2 years old!
She is as sweet as can be.  She's still an itty-bity!  We'll see what they say at her well check this week, but she can't be much over 20lbs (STILL).  She's still been wearing 12mth clothes most of the summer and is  just now about to grow out of her size 3 shoes!  :)  She still eats like and CHAMP though and boy, does she think she's BIG!?!  She runs and keeps up with brother all day, is a little climber and gymnast and the girl LOVES to dance.  She talks non stop and cracks us up every day with the funny things she says.  She LOVE LOVE LOVES to sing and it melts my heart when she wakes up singing her own songs.  Her favorite songs are "Jesus" and "Sunshine."  The difference in boys & girls is already so clear.  If brother's not around she is just so content to sit and color and play being STILL.  And of course, she is my girly girl.  Recently it's been all about princesses and baby dolls.  AND, she's started to tell me what outfits she likes and loves picking out her hair accessory!  
This is from her birthday party last week (BIG BLOG on that to follow!!!)
Paisley Rose, you are a beautiful little free spirit and we LOVE watching you grow!  

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