Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ryder turns 3!!! (Part 2 - the PARTY!)

So our sweet little Ryder turned 3 this weekend.  How could that be???  We had a Cowboy Party (all the decor and stuff in the previous blog!!!).  He has been SO excited for the party for weeks!  Every day he would ask if today was the party!  He watched me make all the stuff and just kept coming up with funny things he wanted at his party - like tents, the $3000 playscape at Costco, a swimming pool, specific people, a horse, etc.  And then he would be so sweet and say, "Mommy, do you think I can have a cupcake at my party?"  :)  
So it was finally party day!  Mimi & Poppy came in Friday night to help get ready and Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel & Aunt Sarah came in Saturday morning.  AND Nana and Grandma even made the trip to celebrate.  It was so fun to have the party at home and let all of our friends and family meet!  And my awesome friend, Melisa Urban who has taken so many great pics of the kids came and took pics for me, which was so great! 
Ryder was out front with me when Ellie (Ewwie) his girlfriend arrived!  It was straight out of a movie.  They ran across the yard to each other...
And met with a big embrace!!!  Could they be any cuter???!!!!
Hats off.  Boots soon followed.  Time to play!
Bounce time!
Ryder & Karter bouncing!
 Sweet Haddon checking it all out
 And Addi.

 Grammy watching the kids!
 Sweet lil sissy!
 My precious Grandma.
Gabriella.  She is just darling!
Brooklyn striking a pose!
 Aunt Sarah get her cowboy stache on!
 Pausing to take a deep breath!
Kristin & Ashley
 The dads.
And... the WANTED SIGN.  I had this idea and my amazing husband went beyond any expectations and built this out of old wood and torched these letters in!  He is amazing.
The Mr. & The Mrs.
 Paisley & Ryder
 Sebastian & Gabriella
 Ellie & Brooklyn
 Rachel & Sarah
 Gracie & Christy
 Finley & Brynlee
 Karter & Provi
 The Daddy & The Daughter
Pinata time!!!
 These girls have brothers!  Can you tell?!?
Paisley wanted a turn!
 The pinata just would not break.  All the kids took a couple turns at it, so finally I stepped in...

 Cupcake time!   
Phillip & Baby Elle
I still find this to be the most stressful time for moms at littles' b-day parties!  Ahhh.  Mass Chaos...
 The great-grandmothers watching.
 Beautiful Jennifer and Baby Serena
One last present.  A water & sand table from Mimi & Poppy!
time to say good bye.  getting favors...
While everyone was leaving Paisley decided to go for some seconds.  She went outside climbed up in this chair and started eating people's leftover desserts!!!  This is how they found her.  Happy as can be!
It was a great party and we were again, SO blessed by all of our sweet family & friends who love our kiddos so much to come hang out and celebrate with us.  Ryder had a blast.  Thanks to everyone!!!
After everyone left we were wiped out.  We put on Toy Story and they laid down.  I went to get a shower and came back to find this at 7pm...

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