Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buckaroo Birthday! (Part one... the get-up!)

So this is all about Ryder's turing 3!!!  I had TONS of pictures so I split it into 2 blogs.  First round - the decorations & such!  If you like anything you see that I made please check out my website: PerfectlyPaisleyShop.com !!!  The only things not made by Perfectly Paisley are the invites & printed stickers on the favors.  
The invites.  These adorable things came from an ETSY shop.  
Ryder Marcus!  He was born on April 3rd, 2008!  :)
The cowboy theme in general was chosen by him and I was glad to oblige.  Thank goodness for fun themes!  He's been really into cowboys since he was introduced to Woody from Toy Story.  (And buying boots a month ago just put it over the edge!)
I'll let him show you around the party!  Let's go...
Door sign
Pinwheels out front in the yard
Welcome banner in the entry
Stopping point for the little ones...
The Birthday Banner.
Mantle.  This is my new favorite party idea - having a 'changeable' mantle that you can easily swap out for seasons changing & parties.
Banner with old denim.  There was another one of these lining the bar counter as well.
Backyard.  Pinwheels & hay bales lining this table to sit on.
There was also an EXTRA special outside prop made by my amazing party planning assistant ;) and husband to be seen in the next blog!
The spread...

 Cupcakes!  I did the cupcakes and toppers.  There were 2 stands full and a tray!  Dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting.

 Ryder's special topper!  I think it's funny that he actually calls it his "cupcake topper."
 wax mustaches.  made for some fun photo ops. ;)
The craft.  I got the crafts & favors from oriental trading company.  
Favors!  Inside - cowboy shaped candies and silly bands.  
Tags made with stickers from and ETSY shop.
 50 boot cookies!  (Favors for kids & grown ups!) ;)
 So there you have it.  I'm working on new themes and can put together just about anything you like, so check out my site or contact me at PerfectlyPaisleyShop@gmail.com.
Now on to the Cowboy Party!!!

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Allison Veltz said...

Okay, it is official that you are either SUPER talented, or just crazy! I can not believe how much you did and how amazing all the decorations looked...so much fun!