Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flower Power

So this was actually a couple weeks ago now, but the pictures were so precious I had to share.  We did what I do every spring... I get this deep craving to go get flowers.  I even talked about this in a worship day last year - and Daniel will not let me forget it.  I always want to go get all these plants because I actually like planting them (mostly) and I love how they make me feel at first... but I don't cultivate them.  Well, that and it gets 110 degrees here and I finally say Oh forget it, it's all gonna die anyway.  ;)  But that's a whole other much deeper blog.
So the kids got in on the flowers this year.   They had fun picking them out.  They thought that was just the greatest - especially Ryder at Home Depot...
Then planting them and watering them has been a whole new level of fun!  :)  While Ryder was really helpful digging the plants up from the roots (!) Paisley was very content transferring the dirt from pot to pot.  She was so sweet.  I just love these pictures because they show several faces of her sweet little personality that is developing these days.  

His favorite thing is really just the water hose!  

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