Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot {CAKE POP} Mess!

This weekend while Daniel was at a men's retreat with church the kids & I had a fun friday night at home where we made homemade pizza, cake pops & watched Toy Story.  I must start this blog by saying this is in NO way an INSTRUCTIONAL blog!  So if for some wild reason your google search for cake pops landed you here: abort mission & restart! ;)  The whole thought of making cakepops came because we've started selling them at starbucks.  Friday morning Ryder and I went to his 3yr well-check where he'd gotten 2 shots, so I promised him a little treat.  We went to starbucks and he picked the pink cakepop and then on the way out he asked if we could make those at home.  With no hesistation I said, "Sure, let's do that tonight!"  Note to self: next time hesitate.  :)  It started out so tidy, but I finally just gave up and let them dig in and make a huge hot mess! 
step one: make cake (I just used a box mix I had)
Baked it, then crumbled it in a bowl and let it cool. (We then made pizza & ate that!) 

Then we mixed icing in with the crumbled cake till it was nice & gooey
 Next we started rolling balls.  This is the point at which they just started loosing focus on the goal and began eating huge chunks!
 We ended up with a tray of really sad, oddly shaped cake balls.  (Then stuck them in the freezer for a few mins. to harden- That really angered the munchkins!)
 We then began the dipping.  I just melted white chocolate chips I had.  I think the melting candy chips work much better.  I gave them bowls and sprinkles and let them go at it.  I do not have many pictures of that because as you can imagine I had my hands a little full and covered in gunk.  
And VIOLA.  This is what we ended up with.  Really ugly (shhhh don't tell them I said that, they thought they were beautiful!) CAKE POPS!  
BUT, they were pretty yummy.  And they had a blast. Try at your own risk.

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