Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Portraits & the Pass (Colorado Pt 3)

We started off Wednesday morning by taking a big family portrait.  It went surprisingly well with the number of people (and kids) involved.  Brandy actually took the picture, but these are our versions :)  The boys were not exactly excited about taking a picture...
It's smile time and we got one!  Paisley was not looking in any of them :(  The ground was way more interesting.  Grandma & Grandpa Williams are in the middle, Mike & Karen on left with daughters Jessica & Jade & son Jonathan & wife Brandy on the ground with sons Landon & Cooper.  On the right Daniel's parents, with his sisters Sarah & Rachel & and us.  :)
Grandma & Grandpa Williams - celebrating 60 years of marriage this year! 
And the Allen fam.
Sweet Paisley & the wildflowers.
After the morning pictures some of us headed up to Independence Pass.  The pass crosses over to Aspen, it's only open in the summer months (for good reasons!)  It's a steep, winding road to put it lightly.  I didn't get to freaked out going up, but coming back I was a little skiddish.  The top is on the continental divide at over 12,000 ft elevation!  We got out and walked around and took lots of pics!  It was crazy windy up there (thus the crazy hair)!
 Daniel's parents were celebrating their Anniversary that day!

And these are for some reason my favorite pictures I think of the whole trip.  There's just something about that sweet boy on his Daddy's shoulders checking out the WHOLE world in front of him!


Kristin said...

great pic! you should frame this one!

Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Daniel, what a hot couple!