Thursday, July 1, 2010

I {heart} Nashville.

Last week Paisley & I had our first {of many to come} girls trips! It started off a rough week with Paisley having another ear infection. :( Fortunately we caught it early and got 48hrs of meds in her before our flight! I'd been planning for several months to go to Nashville with Paisley and send Ryder [our wonderful, super-active, BOUNCING 2YR old] to go spend a lot (8 days!) of quality time with the G-Parents! Yes, that's the longest he's ever been away and no, I didn't know how I'd handle it. BUT I needed the time away with girls, he needed the one on one time, Paisley really needed some one on one time & Daddy just needed quiet time!

Ryder had a GREAT time with the grandparents. He spent the first 4 nights with Grammy & Grandpa and the next 4 with Mimi & Poppy! He hung out with his aunts, great-grands, cousins, went to the park, the zoo, chickfila and just had a ball. He mentioned going home a few times and asked for Mommy & Daddy - mainly just at night time. The sweetest moment of the whole trip was him & Paisley talking on the phone! He talked to me one night and asked to talk to "Pay-Pay." When I put him on speaker phone he said "HI PAY-PAY!" and she just squealed with delight! Then he laughed and she squealed more and they went back and forth several times. It was THE sweetest interaction I've seen between them.

Like I said, Paisley (although I didn't even know) needed the one on one time too! She was so sweet & fun. I almost feel like I got to know her little personality that was hiding behind crazy big brother. I really don't think she started doing all these things in a week I think I was just able to NOTICE that she is now clapping, shaking her head yes & no, saying a few words: Mama, Daddy, Ball, and she is more than willing to eat food if given a long & leisurly opportuniy. Not to mention I really don't think she's far from just getting up and walking with the way she's been bear crawling and pulling up on things!

So we headed out Wednesday night. She was a little fussy on the plane - probably due to the ear infection, but settled in fine and smiled at everyone around her in the airport and on the plane. Kirsten picked us up a little late that night, but the next morning Paisley & Anders were ready to PLAY! They are only 6 wks apart, but Anders is a good amount bigger than our petite little girl!

They did a lot of this while we went to and from eating & shopping! :)

And a lot of this too! They definitely attracted people everywhere we went!

We took the babies to the pool a couple times!

And after pool time they had bath time together!

We saw so many great friends while we were in town! We met Amanda & Bradley for lunch one day at our old favorite, Blue Coast...

Sarah (who is also having a sweet baby girl) met us for dinner & yogurt!

We had lots of fun time with Erin including lunch at her place, a girls night sleepover, and a trip to Hillsboro village & lunch at Fido.

And Paisley & Anders loved her little dog, Fancy!

We also got to see Kara and meet sweet baby Teagan! Paisley loved Teagan. They are exactly 6 mths apart, and her big brother Aiden is just 3 mths younger than Ryder!

Like I said Paisley had some good Mommy time - and maybe a little frozen yogurt ;)

Sunday we went to church in Spring Hill and saw all the awesome friends there, then Paisley had her first trip to Calypso!

think she liked it...

As did Anders!

Kirsten and I spent most nights eating dinner, winding down, relaxing and laying in the bed watching Glee! I think we watched about 10 episodes! We also did an awesome fresh mud mask treatment... :)

It was nearly impossible, considering the stages they are at to get these two in a posed picture together, so this is the best we got! Think Paisley likes Anders?!?

Already miss them...

Monday afternoon I had some time to kill between meeting friends so Paisley and I took a long drive and I just thought about all the amazing times we had there. How much that city changed me & my life and how many good memories we had there. I love Nashville and miss it so much, especially our wonderful friends we left there. :(
We had an amazing trip! So grateful to my sweet husband who knew I needed a little time away and to our super-amazing parents who took such great care of our boy!

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

It was SO great seeing you Paisley. Looks like you had a good trip, ate lots of good food, and took lots of adorable pictures.