Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 Months!

Paisley Rose is 10 months old today!
So much has changed for her it seems in just this past week that we've been in Colorado [lots of blogging on that ASAP!!!] She has been pulling herself up on things for a while now, but this week it's really taken off. She jumps up on most anything around her. She's tried to pull herself to standing by herself and I think that will be soon. I said all along I could see her walking by ten months, and I would not put it past her at this rate! She's started talking more. She consistanly says, "Momma" & "Dadda," and just this week she said, "Night Night" & one morning she said what sounded like, "wyder." She loves to shake her head yes & no (very adamantly I might add)! She gives GOOD hugs & kisses, blows kisses and waves. She's sings and dances like crazy! She's eating good, still loving avocado & fruits the best! She's been going through a little Mommy attachment phase, but hopefully this week of vacation with others may have helped that! She has 4 teeth and what seems like 4 more trying to come in... ahhh.
We love this little thing more every day.

Can't believe she'll be 1 in a couple months!
...I better get in birthday mode again! ;)


Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

We miss sweet Paisley girl!

Amanda Bradley said...

She is so pretty, and seems to have grown into a little girl with lots of personality since I saw her just a month ago.