Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hiking & Birthdays & Smores, oh my. (Colorado part 2)

(If you're just reading the Colorado blogs scroll to the bottom first!)
Daniel & I got adventurous and took the babies for a hike!  It was actually really relaxing.  The weather was perfect and we were the only ones on the trail (except for the couple we passed who took the family pic!)  The kiddos loved every minute and just took it all in until they couldn't take anymore and fell asleep!  Ryder started off walking, but soon realized he wanted to "ride" too!  It was just a perfect little morning together.
Heading out on the trail...
The mountain men!
And us girlie girls!  Yes, Paisley has a headband on during the hike... it matched her "hiking outfit!"
Love this...
And then they started fading...
That evening after dinner we all went down to the creek and let the boys throw more rocks!  Ryder & his cousins, Landon & Cooper.
That day was also Grammy's Birthday!  (Daniel's Dad & Grandma Williams all had b-days in the week!)  So Ryder and I had attempted to make a cake.  We walked down to another cabin to bake it and hoped it didn't turnout crisp or raw with the high altitude, and there was no mixer of any sort so I got all pioneer woman and actually made a decent homemade cream cheese frosting with a really old fashion manual hand mixer! 
Then Grandpa made a fire for smores!  Ryder had never done smores before so he was intrigued...
Us mommas watching with cameras!
A really fun day in the mountains.

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