Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The "Beach"

Last week one day we met Ryder's play group at a nearby park that has a huge covered sandpit and then a little splash pad. A brilliant idea, as long as you go in the correct order: sand, then water. Anyway, we were pulling up to the park and I told Ryder, "Your friends are here, you're gonna get to play in the sand & water!" We park the car, I go around to get Ryder and I hand him his bucket and towel and he starts yelling, "The BEACH. The BEACH!" I have no idea how he even knows what the beach is, since he's been to nothing resembling a beach, but I didn't have the heart to tell him we weren't at a beach... so off we went to our time on the beach... smack dab in the middle of texas.

I tried to leave Paisley sitting in the stroller, but she wanted in on the beach fun!

Hmmm. Didn't taste like she expected?!?

Water time!

Me and my girl watching.

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Cara Linn said...

I was over at your in-laws yesterday and couldn't help but gush over all of the pictures of Ryder and Paisley. Gracious- such precious kiddos!