Monday, June 7, 2010

Time is speeding along...

So a lot of updates...
I had a great birthday week last week. Thanks to my sweet family & friends for making it so special. I got lots of sweet calls and cards and gifts. I got time away to get a pedicure and the afternoon of my birthday my Daddy showed up! He babysat, so Daniel and I had an awesome date night too. I'm a lucky girl. :)

Paisley has just taken off and is crawling her way around the house and most anywhere she decides to go. She started standing herself up into "bear crawl" position this weekend, to which I said, "NO, sister! Slow down!!" I am not ready for all that yet! I remember wanting Ryder to take off, but feel completely opposite with Paisley! I'm terrified of having two walking! haha. :)

Ryder seems to be changing & growing so much recently. He's started to remember, respond, obey and repeat a lot! My proud mommy moment of the week was him TELLING me he needed to poop while we were in the dressing room at target. Unfortunately we were a long way from the restroom. So I asked him if he could wait, and much to my surprise he did. We got all the way back to the front of the store and onto the big potty and he WENT! I was shocked and so proud. We went straight and picked out a new coloring book!
And, this weekend Ryder moved to his big boy bed! A toddler RACE CAR bed, that is, which he now fondly refers to as his, "Big Car Bed." The first night was a little humorous. He was super excited about it and stayed in it with not too much hesitation. About 10 o'clock I heard a weird noise, but then nothing else... until about 20 minutes later when he woke up under his crib! He'd rolled off and fallen asleep under his crib. Daniel and I tried not to laugh at first, but we finally got Ryder to smile about it and he jumped back in the car bed and went right back to sleep. We've gone a couple days now and the crib has been moved out. Will post pics soon when we get it all set with his new bedding.

Ryder had a hard time calming down this afternoon for his nap after an exciting morning playing at the Y. So the great thing about the toddler bed (and my being 5ft tall!) is I can lay down with him. So I laid down and asked if he wanted me to sing. He said, "Yes, Momma." So I just laid and held him and sang and as I did I felt so grateful for these simple days and simple times at home with my babies. As challenging as some of the days are right now with a 2 yr old (and 8 mth old!) I don't want to forget and I don't want to miss afternoons in the race car bed.

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Becky said...

So many young mother's today don't have or take those opportunities at home with their kids. I'm so glad I sacrificed other things to be home with mine and I couldn't be happier that my grands are getting to have those same special moments.