Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprouting up!

So baby girl has finally decided to eat. And today I found something she would really eat. I have a bad feeling she's gonna be a little "foodie" like her momma ;) What she decided she would eat was a new baby food I found, called Sprout that comes in these little squashy packs. Created by chef Tyler Florence. It's all organic and some really different blends. This was roasted apples and blueberries and she went AFTER it!

Mmmmm. Anything else in there?!?

And Ryder, being a ham while watching and eating his own lunch!

On a side note we joined the Y this week and Ryder LOVES it! When I went to get my shoes yesterday he decided to get ready too.

With MY other shoes that he went and got our of my closet. :)

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