Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ryder's 2nd Birthday!

Ryder's 2nd Birthday party... Elmo Extravaganza!
Yes, due to the recent obsession, we gave in to the little furry guy and had an all out Elmo party. We got to have Ryder's party with family on his actual birthday. I don't think we can say it enough, but we are SO grateful to our family & friends for loving our little ones and celebrating their life with us like they do!! We had at one point over 40 people there. This year, Ryder was not afraid (like he was last year), he was in his element- bouncing, playing with cousins, hugging & blowing kisses to the grandmothers! I didn't get pics of all the decorations, but here are a few.

his cute little invite below

our greeter :)

The cake. Yes, I did an Elmo cake. Was a little stressful when after adding much coloring elmo was 'salmon' colored! It turned out cute though:

As soon as the cousins arrived they headed out to BOUNCE!

Ryder & Trapper doing a little jigg I guess.

sweet baby Cash!

friends. katey, melissa, michelle

Paisley was passed around all afternoon, here she was relaxing with Grandma Williams.

Cooper with his "joker" face... fruit punch anyone?!?

CAKE time! Again, we attempted a family shot. Everyone was wondering why Ryder was screaming during the cake... I'd placed the Elmo hat on his head and he was pulling at the tight rubberband like string that holds it on. I said, "Don't pull that it's gonna pop you..." And what does he do? Pulls it as hard as possible and popped himself in the cheek, and thus the picture below:

A little better, a candle is lit...

What's funny is about half way through cutting the cake Ryder realized that half of Elmo's face was now missing and looked down, pointing to half eaten Elmo and said, "Uh Oh, Mommy, Uh Oh!"

Giving High Fives!

And they're off! We were attempting to sit them down to take a picture! Ryder's 3 cousins all within 5 months of each other (Tyler, Ryder, Cooper, Trapper) all played together and are at such a CUTE age together!

Pinata! We gave them all a few swings, then helped it along. I don't think Ryder had any idea why we were hitting the poor thing!! Tyler attempting...

Ryder - hitting it like a drum!

Presents! The kid made a haul again. Checkin out his lawnmower.

A wagon!

cooking stuff from Mimi of course.

Super cool new bedding for his bog boy bed from Grammy & Grandpa!

And he's cooking in the wagon. why not?

He got lots of Elmo stuff, new summer clothes and swim stuff, a pool, a tryke, new books - all kinds of fun toys! Couldn't be a happier little 2 YEAR OLD!

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

Oh my gosh, Beth- that cake looks amazing! Can you make me an Elmo cake and ship it here for Bradley's birthday???

That last picture posted, he looks Just like Daniel!