Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ZOO trip!

This past weekend we went to Dallas for a big fun Easter/Birthday weekend! We'd planned to take Ryder to the Zoo for the first time on Friday. Well, we woke up to a big ole' thunderstorm! We loaded up with Mimi & Poppy and headed out mid day anyway and fortunately it cleared up and by the afternoon it was nice and beautiful. Some of the animals still didn't want to come out, but for Ryder's first trip he got to see more than he could process for sure!

my little penguin:

On our way to the monorail through the wilds of Africa...

Paisley enjoyed it too! Especially while riding with Daddy:

The sun came out! So cool.

Feeding the ostrich - see he even liked the fake animals!

and hugging the monkeys...

This was the coolest part of the day: One of the gorillas had come down to pay everyone a visit at the glassed in area and Ryder literally got to stand eye to eye with that beast!

The best family shot - we are learning that getting a family shot with a now 2 year old is next to impossible. He was perfectly happy a second before this, and who knows what Paisley sees over there!

All in all we had a fun little first trip to the zoo. Ryder was intrigued and it was cool to see him connect with the "amimmals" he's been reading about in his books :)

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