Monday, April 6, 2009

1st Birthday Party!

Here goes the Birthday blog! Sorry, it took a couple days to recover and then get the pics together! :) Click on the pics if you wanna see them bigger - there were so many some are little!

Here's the little monkey just taking it all in (he was a bit overwhelmed)!

party hats!

Bouncy time... Ryder was in general not so sure about the whole bouncy thing! He only got in it this once with Trapper.

But the rest of them enjoyed it!

A silly smile from Poppy & Rydie :)

practicing walking with Aunt Rachel - she's "training" him - workin' on that core!

chillin with mommy :)

Grammy hugs

Cake time! We were all watching & waiting for him to TEAR into the cake, but it never happened. He was so polite about it. He kept looking at me like, "really? I can do that?" And then he wanted a spoon... oh well, I guess I get what I've worked for! And he was a little scared to begin with when everyone was singing to him:

he said "mmm, mmm!"

uhhhh... so full.

LOVE these pictures... (courtesy of Brandy- as well as the ones at the bottom!)

Aunt Rachie got a big smile out of him!

Our first belly pics - 15 weeks! Me & Morgan are due a day apart!!!

Presents! :)

Taking a break with Mimi to calm down.

Ok - back at it!

On his new car! Check out the haul he made behind him!

And, in the words of Berenstain Bears, he'd had, "Too Much Birthday!"
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I didn't even get as many pics as I'd wanted... like of all the sweet grandparents and the cousins & friends that all came, the yummy cook-out food, etc! There were about 30 people at one point! It was a great day and we were once again so blessed by the all family & friends who love this little guy so much!

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J.B.L said...

I love that Daniel is sticking his tongue out too!