Monday, April 19, 2010

7 months!

Paisley was 7 months yesterday.

She had a bit of a rough week last week with her first ear infection. But after the first day of antibiotics she was back to her happy self. (Still wanted to sleep with Mommy all week to let me know she wasn't feeling well, but otherwise happy!) She's barely 15 pounds and still in a size one shoe and STILL isn't interested in baby foods at all, but growing and changing daily. We love this sweet little one!


Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

Anders was sitting on my lap when I pulled up your blog, and when the pictures of Paisley popped up he started laughing. He thinks Paisley is cute and misses her - he was just playing hard to get while they were together in Texas but when she comes to visit this summer he will show his true feelings for her. They will play together and have so much fun!

erin said...

she's so pretty!!!