Friday, December 4, 2009

so thankful.

Well, I am very behind on blogs this week. It's been a busy one! BUT, better late than never, right!? We went home for the Thanksgiving weekend last week. It's so nice to be able to be with family on Thanksgiving. Daniel and I were talking about the several Thanksgivings that we spent in Nashville away from family. It's nice to be just a 3 hour car ride away... OH WAIT... it took nearly 7 HOURS last week! That's right. I said seven. We left Austin near 4 and tons of traffic, 2 baby feedings, 4 diaper changes, 1 stop for dinner and 1 stop for snacks at the Czech stop later we made it there about 11pm! Whew! We made it though.
I did a horrible job of taking pictures on Thanksgiving day. Probably because I was tending to needy children and went to take a nap with Ryder in the middle of the day to calm him a bit!
We were at the Allen house the first part of the day.

Paisley was passed out while we ate!

Then we took a little walk 2 streets over to my Grandma's house.
Aunt Renita meeting Paisley:

These next 2 are the funniest moments of the day. First Ryder in the mullet wig: Business in the front, party in the back.

And Grandma in the Raggedy Ann costume, plus funny glasses! haha!

The boys admiring little Miss. (We've had all boys on both sides for a LONG time... can you tell?!?)

Friday night we got to go to Chad & Morgan's house and meet baby Cash!! Cash was born the day before Paisley - how crazy is that? They are almost the same exact height & weight right now and so cute together. I love it!

Ryder & Trapper played hard! And took a little break here for HUGS!

Our best attempts at all 4 together:

Friday we spent the day at Northpark to see Santa & shop... more on that to come. Saturday we spent breakfast with Grandmommie and that side of the family before hitting the rode for the much more normal drive back! I know I didn't do very good w/pics. None of grandparents for all the other cousins... better at Christmas I promise! It was a good weekend though and we are So thankful & So blessed!

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