Sunday, December 6, 2009

On the first week of Christmas...

We had a busy week! Ryder started it off with a trip to the doctor Monday morning to discover an ear infection. We decorated for Christmas, I started back to starbucks, we went to a moms club Christmas party, we hosted the first stop of our community group progressive dinner, and had holiday pictures taken... whew! Me & Paisley girl even squeezed in a little girls' night out Christmas shopping on Wednesday night ;)
Sunday night we went and got a tree. (Now I did say we realized Ryder had the ear infection Monday morning, so he was happy Sunday night till the Motrin wore off!)
Just his size trees:

searching with Daddy

We found the one!


Ready for the party Friday night...

In front of our tree!

The new line up of stockings! (There's room for 2 more next year on this mantle! HAHA!! kidding! I know, I really shouldn't joke about something like that!)

It was a fun first week of Christmas activities!

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Melissa said...

You guys look great and I love the Christmas cute! I still laugh about the "mini" tree farm you went to a couple of years ago. So funny!