Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Christmas-y Weekend!

We've had another busy weekend. Friday night we had our worship team Christmas party at Phillip & Kristin's house.
Me & my sweet girl.

Kristin & me

Paisley made the rounds...

And I caught Ryder trying to get to the chocolate fountain!

It was late, but when we got home we found a package in the mail from Mimi. It was a special nativity set just for Ryder and he LOVED it! We got it out and set it up and he was so happy... even though it was 11pm!

Yesterday (after working a crazy early shift) I went to the women's Christmas party at church which was a cookie exchange. Different ladies including myself decorated their own tables and I did a pink & green theme:

Daniel was at home with the babies all day yesterday and Ryder woke up with a fever - again. So he stayed home again with them today while I went to sing at church. He really was daddy daycare this weekend! And they love his so much :) Even Paisley just lights up when she sees her Daddy now.
So another Christmas filled weekend and still more to come!

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Becky said...

Your babies are beautiful and so is your table. Glad you're having so much Christmas fun.