Saturday, December 5, 2009


On Black Friday we were crazy enough to go to Northpark (yet again) to wait all day to get pictures with "THE" Santa. Yes, this is the the one, the real one. The one I had pictures with as a little girl. So we got there early, got our ticket and shopped around while we waited. Finally at almost 2 it was our turn. We didn't know how Ryder would respond to Santa this year. He was good at first, he walked up and we got them in his lap and ready to take the pics and then... the camera broke. So we had to stand there and wait...and wait. So in the meantime we are trying to keep Ryder interested, but not use up ALL of his interest in Santa with out the camera, try to keep him from messing up everything on Santa's "set," and try to keep Paisley awake! Well, it just went downhill from there. After a good 10-15 minutes Ryder was over it, Jolly Old St. Nick was ready for his break and the camera still was not working. So we took a few of our own pics and left. Then a couple minutes later, seeing that I was mad (because they somehow got the camera to work for the family behind us) Santa's "agent" came over and brought us back for one more try, but by that point the moment had passed.
Check him out:

First try - we call this one, "Let me up!"

Second try, "Let me up NOW!"

And finally, as good as it gets this year...

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