Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping, Fireworks & Snow!

Saturday afternoon we went out to the domain to finish up some Christmas shopping. We had a fun night which included Ryder's first time in real snow! Ok well, it was from a machine on the hour, but this is probably about the most snow he will ever play in in Austin!

We split up and did some shopping while tag-teaming the babies. Then we went and ate some Freebirds and got back just in time for the Fireworks! Ryder got so excited about the fireworks that he gave Daniel a bloody nose! Yep, he was up on his shoulders and reached down and grabbed Daniel by the nose. It was not funny at the moment, but pretty funny later!!!

And last night Ryder made, "cookies!" his new favorite word.

giving mommy a little taste

Daniel says this is just wrong! I tied one of my half aprons around him and well, it kinda ended up looking like an evening gown!!

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