Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's in a name?

So I know that we need a new title for our blog so that our new baby girl is included in that - I'm working on it. Just haven't decided exactly what I want to call it now. If you have a clever suggestion send it our way! On that note though... Paisley Rose. A lot of people have asked where we came up with the name and what it means. Well, I'd heard the name a few times. There were a couple people in Nashville that we heard had named a baby that and then I'd talked to my friend Bridgette about it (who'd named her cute little puppy that!) before I was even pregnant and mentioned that I loved it for a little girl. (I was pregnant the next week!!!) So anyway, what does it mean? Well, the design/print Paisley got its name because it was originally a woven design created in the 19th century in the area of Scotland named Paisley. The root of the word Paisley came from the Scottish derivative of the Greek word "basilica," which means, "church." So the meaning of the name Paisley is listed as, "church." I thought that was interesting because "Beth" means, "House of God." As for the "Rose" part, no it is not a family name. We just liked it with Paisley. I thought it was a nice, beautiful mix of old fashion & modern.
So there you have it. Your history lesson for the day, plus some!

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J.B.L said...

I love the name its so delicate and pretty. I had never heard it one time until your Paisley and now its like everyone knows someone named Paisley or is naming someone Paisley! Crazy huh. Love it. Its precious.