Monday, November 23, 2009

Sushi Saturday!

We had a nice and uneventful weekend. We spent Friday night in out of the rain. We made a homemade pizza & caught up on our shows. Saturday we cleaned and got the house ready to put up Christmas stuff!!! I know it's early, but I want to enjoy it and don't want to have to put it all up in one night.
We love sushi, but since I have been pregnant for a LOT of the past couple years we really haven't had it much and Ryder had never tried it. I am of the opinion that you should let your kids try everything thing even if you really don't think they will like it. I HATE when I hear mothers saying, "No, he won't like that," when it's something they've never tried! So on that note Saturday afternoon we went to 1/2 price sushi hour at this cute new place in the area and Ryder had his first sushi! Just a california roll, but he liked it (I think mainly because it had avocado - his favorite food ever!) He probably would have eaten more, but I wasn't willing to share much! :)

Sister just watched :) But how cute is she?!?

Then we strolled down to the yogurt shop. I might have blogged about it before, but we have a couple new yogurt shops in the area that are self serve and oh so cool!!! (I was pretty addicted toward the end of the pregnancy!) They have about 15 flavors and tons of toppings and you just pile on whatever you want. Plus most of the yogurt is non-fat or low-fat and some are sugar free! This place is called YoYo! Ryder tried to play a little guitar hero while we got our treat!

mmm... happy boy!

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