Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is how we roll.

So we are finally out and about and on the move! We figured out the stroller thing... for now anyway. I feel like we may be buying and selling strollers as our lives evolve and kids grow over the next few years! We lucked out and found a double jogging stroller at a garage sale in the neighborhood for $40! Super cheap!!! It is huge and weighs like 45 pounds without kids in it, so it will probably stay in the garage and only go to outdoor things. So this is what we've been going to the park and on walks in and it is working great. Ryder climbs right in it and sometimes holds Paisley's hand, who I can already put little bit in with a little head support for her.

We ended up just last week getting a sit and stand stroller. I like that I can put the baby carrier in it and Ryder is getting the hang of sitting in the front like a big boy and when he gets a little bigger he can stand on the platform. Today at the mall...

We went to the mall today to go to the Inflatable Wonderworld. It's 1/2 off on thursdays and my moms club was going. Ryder loved it! He was hesitant at first, but once he got the hang of it he had a ball!

One of the bouncy houses was an Sesame Street theme and Ryder just kept hugging the Elmo at the entrance! So sweet.

When Daniel and I looked at that last picture we both said he looks so BIG!

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J.B.L said...

We have the sit and stand and its wonderful I think you will love it for a while!!