Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ryder's first pony ride!

Yesterday morning we bundled up and went out to Kiddie Acres with Moms Club. It's a little amusement park for toddlers. It's been in Austin 30 years and is a cute little park- perfect for Ryder's age. Small, not too overwhelming, but several good things for him to ride. The boy is fearless... he went up to all the rides by himself and didn't even want to hold my hand!
Here's little sister, ready to go! She actually slept through the whole thing! I kept her in the baby bjorn with me so I could easily chase after brother.


Ferris Wheel!

That's all of us in there.

He's on a boat.

He also rode little jeeps, a carousel, a big train AND... his first PONY!
Just on here, checking him out.

Petting the pony...

And he likes it! How cute is this?!?

We had a fun morning and will definitely go back soon!

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