Friday, April 3, 2009


Our sweet baby boy is one year old today! How did that happened so fast?!? Ryder's 1 year birthday brings with it so many sweet memories from the past year. Moms used to always tell me this before I had him, "It's the fastest and some days the slowest time in your life!" Some days it feels like it will never be 8 o'clock and then here we are some how at a year old! It does seem like he was born yesterday, but it also seems like he's been here all along!

So now days Ryder is trying to take his first step - any day now I think!
He has 6 teeth (after having four bottom ones like a piranha for so long!)
He weighs 23 pounds
He laughs a lot... especially when others are laughing
He eats all the time - would eat all day if I let him.
He is very sociable and loves people.
He absolutely loves to "read." I will find him in his room with a book, just turning the pages over & over.
He says mama & dada and a few other syllables here & there that sound like something only to me!
He loves Rocky.
He loves Yo Gabba Gabba & the Wonder Pets! :)
He is so sweet when he gives hugs & kisses
Waves at everyone and claps "yay" all the time!
Loves music & instruments
He is active, very curious, into EVERYTHING and keeping us on our toes all day long!

Happy First Birthday, Ryder! We love you SO much. from the big party to come!

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