Monday, February 21, 2011

The letter W is for Weekend.

 Friday I took the kids to Sesame Street Live!  We went with some MOMS clubs friends as we did last year.  It's kinda funny to look at those pictures and see how much has changed in the year.  Ryder is not AS Elmo crazy as he was last year, but still loves Sesame Street and was super excited about it all.   
Taking it all in...
Paisley & I hanging out.  Fortunately she still fits in the Baby Bjorn, so I just strapped her on and went!
Intermission with my little Elmo crazies!
Show's over and they had a blast.
As we were heading out past all the souvineers Ryder spotted something he WANTED.  I looked at the case assuming it would be a silly $20 stuffed elmo or spinning light up thing.  And Ryder says, "I WANT THE BINOCULARS!"  I laughed and said, "What?!?  Why do you need binoculars?"  And he says in an almost sarcastic tone, "So I can SEE things better!"  Lucky for me they were the cheapest thing in the case and I found it too funny to ignore, so I bought them.  He was SO HAPPY...
 Leading Sissy out.  How cute is this?
 After the show we went to eat lunch at Central Market.  It was so busy that after looking for parking for 20 minutes I told Ryder we were going to have to try somewhere else at which point he started crying and then suddenly screamed, "No!  Wait!  I will FIND us a place with my binoculars!"  ;)  And we found one.  After lunch I drove to Waco to meet Poppy to drop them off for a fun-filled weekend for all!  They spent a night at each grandparents and Daniel and I got some much needed rest and time together.  We got 2 date nights in and slept until 11am on Saturday.  Daniel said he couldn't remember the last time he woke up feeling so groggy & wonderful!  Big thanks to them for giving us a break.  The kids had a blast!

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