Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a Lovely Day

 We had a really sweet Valentines.  
Last Thursday Ryder had his Valentines party at school.  I went for the party at the end of the day.  He was pretty excited and Paisley got in on the action too...

Trying some of mommy's cookies...

Love my crazy little Valentines!

Ryder also painted Valentines to send to the grandparents and he made a special valentine for his girlfriend, Ellie, "Ewwie" as he says.  It was the cutest thing ever.  We were in Hobby Lobby picking out his school valentines and I asked if I was his Valentine?  He said, "No."  So I said, "I'm not your girlfriend?"  He said, "No... Ewwwie" :)  So I asked if he wanted to give her a Valentine and he assured me that he did, but NOT the toy story ones he was giving others.  "No, No," he said, "She needs a PINK one."  So we got her a pink one and he even painted in it with glitter.  Then I said, "What do you want me to write in it?"  And with the biggest grin he said shyly, "I LOOOOOVE you."  HAHAHA.  I laughed and said, ok.  So he gave Ellie her Valentine Friday night at community group at her house.  She opened it and said, "OH I love glitter." And hugged him.  :)  SOOOOO cute.   
Valentines morning I had a little surprise for each of them out on the table... 
She was still half asleep.
 I'm not sure if I've mentioned Ryder's complete obsession with George (Curious).  He talks about him all the time and relates everything to a story about George either from his books or the show.  So he got a stuffed George.  He said, "OHHHH.  I can take him in the bed with me, I can take him EVERYWHERE!"
 Valentines from Aunt Sarah
 Happy Paisley sitting in the middle of the valentine pile from Grammy & Grandpa.
 Later in the day there was more!  We got a box from Mimi & Poppy and they were so excited again!
I got a couple surprises too.  Daniel came home with roses, chocolate covered strawberries AND these...
AND we went on a date!  We went to the Roaring Fork which was delicious.  We sat on the patio with the sun setting on a long overdue beautiful Texas day.  Yes, I took pics of food... just for you all.   
My love (and hot date!)
Yummy appetizer - Lamb with fondue
I got a super delicious special- pan seared grouper with a mushroom risotto with black truffle goat cheese!   YUMMMMM.   And Daniel got the pork tenderloin with cheese grits.
Happy girl on Valentines.
We had a great date night!  I still LOVE Valentines day.  Why not take a day to celebrate the LOVELY people in your life?  Happy Valentines to all.

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