Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy time!

You all know my affinity for award shows and of course next to Oscar fashion the Grammys are my favorite.  There's this perfect mix of crazy, spectacular and completely hopeless fashion.  So let's start off with the crazy...  I feel like not even mentioning it because that's why she does everything she does- so people will mention it.  Say what you will, but all press is good press and EVERYone was talking about Lady Gaga in the egg.  She's crazy.  That's all there is.  But I will give her this... she (or someone behind her) keeps thinking up more crazy.
Next on my crazy list is Cee Lo.  There really are no words.  All I will say is as a mother of a 2 yr old who is currently completely obsessed with Toy Story all I could think is this...
Now to the fashion disasters.  This chica from Paramore said she wore a friend's design.  I love my friends dearly, but there is not one of them that could persuade me to wear their design of this sort...
And then there was this... oh man.  I don't know what's worse, just the hair or the COMPLETELY leopard clad body
 This girl from NCIS was a presenter and apparently she took her job at the Grammys very literally....  not ok.
 I said it on facebook and I'll say it again.  Ricky Martin: Party Foul.  Metallic Jeggings, Oh No he Didn't.
 Now for my faves.  How she got put in the "Diva Tribute" in the opening number I have NO idea, but this dress that Florence wore was a brave and so fitting for her.  It was Givenchy and Grammy gorgeous!  
My other favorite BOLD choice of the night was New Artist winner, Esperanza Spalding.  She is an actually talented musician and wore an actually gorgeous gown!  No clue who it's by and I'm sure many would argue my opinion {yes it's an out there color choice} but it was beautifully crafted and perfect for her win.
Another of my bests of the night was the always classic {and equally talented} Norah Jones.  I couldn't find a better picture and don't know who made this LBD, but it was adorable.  Love it.
 And lastly, my favorite...
I care nothing about her, but this dress was amazing.  Julianne Hough wore this fabulous Catherine Malandrino (always leave it to the Parisians) and as soon as I saw her on the red carpet I knew it was my favorite by far. {Yes, I love a good printed dress!}
So there you have it folks.  Can't wait for the Oscar fashion! 

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Todd and Kirsten Wines said...

I love your fashion opinions and can not wait for your Oscar blog!