Friday, February 19, 2010

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street...

Today was a very excited day in the life of Ryder Marcus Allen. He went to see ELMO. Let me start by explaining the new obsession that has developed with Elmo. We've only recently started watching Sesame Street but immediately Ryder was drawn to Elmo and started identifying him EVERYWHERE. Wednesday when Daniel came home from work Ryder had just woken up from his nap and was still sitting in his bed. I went in and said, "Ryder, Guess who's here?!?" And without missing a beat Ryder looked around the corner and said, "ELMO?" hahaha! "No," I laughed, "Just daddy."
So to put it mildly we've been looking forward to today: Sesame Street LIVE! One of the moms in my moms club got us really great seats with a group discount. It was quite a feat to get both of them downtown and in by myself (in the rain, without a stroller!) but thanks to the bjorn & the monkey backpack - we made it! Only a few minutes late... Since we were a couple minutes late the show had just begun and Elmo was already on stage and that just set him off. So as we enter the auditorium I'm carrying both kids down the stairs to our seats in the dark and Ryder sees Elmo on stage and starts SCREAMING over & over, "ELMO!!!"

The show was "123 Imagine!"

Ryder: entranced.

Me & Paisley girl...

La - La - La - La, La - La - La - La, Elmo's world!!

Happy boy :)

me & my little peanuts! - Paisley passed out by this time & Ryder so happy he got a pendant flag (instead of the $10 balloon!)

good show!!

We ate some lunch at central market (where he told everyone who he'd seen!) and then headed home.

Such a fun day. As hard as it is to do some of these things with the 2 of them at their current ages it was worth it all to see the look in his eyes!!!!


erin said...

awe, so sweet! glad y'all had fun!

Lisa said...

What memories you brought back. I took Michael and Katie to "Sesame Street Live" when they were 3 and 1 and that's about 30 years ago! Had their pictures taken with "Maria" who hasn't changed much in 30 years!

Amanda Vilendrer said...

I Just blogged about how Bradley has become obsessed with Elmo too! How is it that kids are naturally drawn to Elmo? I'll have to check and see if Sesame Street Live is coming anywhere near us- B would love it too I'm sure. Good for you for taking both kids! I know it isn't easy!