Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nashville meets San Antonio

Thursday we drove to San Antonio for the day to see our Nashville friends, Zack & Erin. They were playing a few shows in the area so we definitely wanted to see them while they were in the great state of Texas! Unfortunately it was the most rainy & cold day ever! We didn't even make it to the riverwalk where they were staying. But we we got to hang out and see them and spend a little time together. We met them at Mi Tierra's, a big mexican restaurant.

Mi Tierra's is known for their huge bakery. Ryder was pretty stoked about the cookies!

And what did he get? A "Hook Em" cookie. His 2 favorite words right now combined into one thing!

We explored the mercardo area. It was pretty empty and would have been a bit more entertaining if they'd not had signs everywhere saying not to take "dress-up" pictures in the hats and masks and such... cause that's exactly what I would have done!

This is as good of a family shot as it gets these days...

It was a fun afternoon and so good to see friends that we miss SO much!!!

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Kathy of the HavinsNest said...

The girls and I entertained friends in San Antone last weekend. We ate at Mi Tierra and wandered the Market on Saturday. One of our favorite places to eat and things to do.