Monday, February 8, 2010

Family weekend #3!

We've had parents here in some capacity for 3 weekends in a row now! (And it's been great!!) Poppy came to visit this weekend. My mom was at a conference with her students down here so he came to hang out with us. Friday he was the "Poppy-sitter" while I got a hair cut. :)
Paisley & Poppy - she's such a happy girl!

Saturday night we met Mimi & her crew at Fudruckers before they all headed back...

We had absolutely no interest in the superbowl & fortunately have friends who felt the same! haha :) So we went to dinner with Phillip & Kristin at a new Mexican place in the area and then stopped by some friends house to see the end of the game.

In OTHER news this week... Ryder POOPED on the potty! Sorry, but it's pretty exciting news. (If you don't wanna hear this, then that's the end of the blog for you!) I haven't really started hard core potty training him, but he's been going every day when I put him down for a nap, so I figured, well I'll just see what he does if I start sitting him on the potty then. So Monday I said, "Ryder, do you wanna sit on the potty like a big boy?" He shook his head yes (which he doesn't do very much - it's usually "no") so I took him in there, sat him down and he IMMEDIATELY went! I was in shock. He got up & flushed, we did a little happy dance and he got a cookie and called Daddy to tell him! I've sat him on there each day this week and he's gone a little. We'll see what happens from here but that was a good start for sure!!! The funniest part of this whole thing was Friday when we were at lunch with my dad. I said, "Ryder did you tell Poppy how you went poopie on the potty like a big boy?" And Ryder looked at us and instantly started "squeezing" (tying to go) right there at the table!!!! We CRACKED up laughing, while I was saying, "No. NO. Not right here!!!" Oh well... he's understanding SOME of it anyway!

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Dan Allen said...

Who knew our lives would someday revolve around poop and stories about it. Speaking of, time for me to take out the bags of poop we have laying around the nursery to the trash. I just love parenthood... :)