Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We went to Paisley's 4 month check-up this morning.  She's 13 pounds and 24 inches.  That's about average in height and a little under average in weight.  The dr said it's probably due to the fact that she's already sleeping 9-10 hours straight at night.  Not to worry though, she's happy and healthy.  I think the weight is right where it should be since she seems to be just a little more petite.  I mean, you've seen the pics- the child is not skinny!  She's got rolls!  AND... speaking of rolls she chose this morning at the dr's office to roll over for the first time... that is right after I told him she wasn't rolling over yet!  He said put her on her belly and when I did she rolled right over and made a liar out of me!!!  So that's where we are.  When I got home I had to go back and look to see how big Ryder was at this point because I knew he was bigger than this.  Sure enough he was 16 pounds and 25.5 inches!  Little sister is just a little peanut!

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