Monday, January 11, 2010

author & perfecter of my faith.

As I write this blog today my heart is heavy. Not for myself. No matter how much I feel stressed in the day to day up-keep of life, and no matter how much I feel pressure around me and no matter how much I wonder how everything is going to get done and be taken care of and paid for, there is so much more going on around me. My heart hurts for people around me going through so much more...
We have friends who are barely making ends meet. We have friends whos young parents are dying and they are dealing with deep issues & burdens that people my age shouldn't have to deal with yet - and aren't prepared to deal with yet. Same friends who's sister MY age is going though chemo after a double mastectomy. Friends who's kids have illnesses they are being told they will deal with for the rest of their lives from such a young innocent age. Friends who's parents go in for a routine check and find they have cancer and have to make choices immediately to affect the whole family - one who's father is in surgery today as the family holds on to faith that it will be gone as he comes out. Friends around us desperately wanting to have a baby and being told they can't.

My prayer today is for them. That they may feel his GRACE and mercy today. God refresh them, show them you are in control no matter how easy it is to doubt. I am reminded of an old Nicole Nordeman song, "Help me Believe:"
Take me back to the time
When I was maybe eight or nine
And I believed
When Jesus walked on waters blue
And if He helped me, I could too
If I believed
Before rationale, analysis and systematic thinking
Robbed me of a sweet simplicity
When wonders and when mysteries
Were far less often silly dreams
And childhood fantasies
Help me believe
'Cause I don't want to miss any miracles
Maybe I'd see much better by closing my eyes
And I would shed this grownup skin
I'm in
To touch an angel's wing
And I would be free
Help me believe

Yesterday at church Morgan talked about how God is a mystery and that is part of our romance with him. We don't always have to know the what & the why. Instead let us focus on the who we are to become in Him and & how we can live. And today I will add to that HOW we can help those in need around us.

I have to remind myself today that HE is the author & perfecter of MY faith...


Becky said...

We have so much to be thankful for.....even when things don't seem to be going well. I posted a Chuck Swindoll quotation the other day that seems to fit: Joy is a choice. It is a matter of attitude that stems from one's confidence in God- that He is at work, that He is in full control, that He is in the midst of whatever has happened, is happening, and will happen. I'll be praying for your dear friends and for you as you minister to them.

Cara Linn said...

So much truth in this post. I am encouraged by your heart, Beth. :)

Kristin said...

I love you Beth! Your friendship means so much to me :) thank you for your encouragement.