Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another week in our little corner of the world...

It's been another pretty normally week around here. Tuesday night Daniel & I actually got an overdue date night. We went to dinner and then met my starbucks people at the hockey game. There's a new arena in the area where the Texas Stars play (basically the minor league of the Dallas Stars). It was a fun night.

Ryder's been really into coloring this week! He sat for almost a 1/2 hour one morning coloring! (Really, this child has not sat anywhere for that long since he was able to move!)

I was watching him from the other room and I look over and he was, "coloring" his toenails red! haha!! And then when I laughed and asked him what he was doing he pointed to mine and smiled!

Little Paisley is getting more active, enjoying some play time, and has been trying her hardest to roll over all week.

This afternoon after his nap Ryder was in our room hanging out and taking pics of himself I guess...

And he decided to wake up sister from her nap as well.

And this afternoon she hung out in her exersaucer!

So this week will most likely be remembered as the week Paisley had a little run in with the floor. (And the week I almost had my first panic attack!) We'd just gotten home and I sat her back down in her carrier in the bathroom for a minute and then picked the carrier up to take her in the other room. When she leaned forward and the handle of the carrier snapped into place she fell forward out of the carrier... onto the tile bathroom floor. She cried for a minute, I cried longer. I was/am pretty much traumatized. Daniel was on his way home already so he got here and surveyed the damage while I talked to the nurse on the phone. Sad, but her little nose broke the fall and bled for a minute, but I think it kept her from hitting her head hard at all! By the time Daniel got home she looked up at him and smiled and we knew she was fine. Thank you Jesus for making these little babies so resilient!
Lesson learned: she's already more mobile than we thought! So that's our drama for the otherwise calm and normal week!

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