Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mimi + Date Night!

Mimi came through on her way to and from a conference this weekend. She got some quality time with the babies and we got a date night!

Paisley in Ryder's cowboy hat! haha!

Daniel and I went out for a fun date night last night. We ended up having a a really cool Sushi dinner at Kenobi. We love sushi, but were extra brave last night trying some new kinds. It was awesome sushi - maybe the best we've ever had and a super cool place too. Should have taken pics of our sushi, but we got so excited when it came out that we just chowed down! oh well.

After dinner we got some coffee, went to half price books, and walked around a while before going to see The Blind Side. I know, we're a little behind, but we seriously haven't see a movie SO long. The last movie we saw is out on dvd now! So, Blind Side is what we chose and we were not disappointed. It was awesome, inspiring and a MUST see. Made me wanna be a better mom & person in general. It's always good to leave a movie feeling that way, huh? Good movie, good date, good night... and super good babysitter ;)

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Stacey said...

FYI- Monday nights at Kenobi are super cheap. A big selection of their rolls and appetizers are $2 each, along with drink specials too.