Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting on a Princess...

The room is finally ready, with not much time to spare. We definitely weren't as on it this time as with Ryder's room! So the baby girl room is still doubling as a guest room for now since we have family & company a lot. I tried to make it as 'pretty' as possible & we moved things around a million times to figure out how to maximize the space with the full size bed in the room. We got the crib & changing table on craigslist and repainted them. Daniel made the shelves above the crib and my friend Dana gave me the little chest of drawers when she moved and we repainted it and replaced the knobs.

The "A" is for Allen. The other initials will be joining it soon. ;)

The awesome diaper stacker that my mom made to match the crib bedding. The crib bedding is from the Shabby Chic at Target line.

My painting... can't decide if I'm finished with it yet or not. It has evolved into this.

Ryder didn't like that I was taking pictures he was not included in (he better get used to it, huh?) So he ran in front of my picture with a big CHEESE face!

This little outfit hanging above the crib was made by Daniel's grandmother for his mother when she was born...

And this little dress was mine. :)

And speaking of clothes, whatever will the princess wear?!?

And the last belly pic! Ready to pop...2 days left!

We go in Friday morning and the c-section should be around noon. Keep us in your prayers for a smooth & blessed delivery and transition into family of 4!

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

Gorgeous room. Is the painting a Beth Allen original?? I also love that you're naming her Amanda after me- that's what the A is for, right??