Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Her first few days

We came home from the hospital yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Last night went really well. Paisley has been sweet & calm and waking for feedings and really barely crying at all. Ryder has still paid pretty much no attention to her! ha! He stops and gives her a kiss every now and then, but has been pretty entertained by Mimi for the past couple days. They went to the park, the library for story time, chickfila and played and seemed to have a great time.

So here are pics from our few days in the hospital. We had a good stay and were blessed by all the family and friends that came by and helped out. I seem to be recovering much faster this time and was even able to be up and moving around by late the first night. Paisley started feeding well from the beginning and the nurses and doctors said she was just perfect! Here are the first few days of Miss Paisley Rose's life!

Mimi & Poppy meet Paisley.

With their TWO grandchildren!

Grammy & Grandpa with the little ones!

The aunties came to be there when she was born.

Proud daddy on day 2!

Trying to explain this whole new sister thing again...

Daniel had to take this one... her first set of headphones!
(Actually it was her hearing test)

So glad my Grandma & Daniel's grandmother (Nana) were there for the big arrival on Friday and stopped back in Saturday to see her for a bit.

My friends Chris & Brandi came by to meet her.

And so did Kristin & Phillip

Me & my little munchkins!

Poppy showing how tiny her feet are... with a guitar pick of course!

Naptime everybody!

Sweet Angel - in her "going home" outfit.

My awesome doctor, Dr Uribe, stopped by to see her & give us the ok to go.

Headed home!

Our new family of FOUR!

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