Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend updates...

I realize it is Wednesday already... ahh. Where does the week go?!? We had a good weekend though and I can't forget to mention it! :) I didn't take many pictures, but my parents came down for my mom to attend a conference for school. They came down Thursday so we had part of the day Friday before she had to head over to the conference. We just relaxed, took a walk and got pedicures (well, my daddy & Ryder didn't - they just walked around) :) Friday night Daniel and I had a DATE night! :) We left Poppy at home with Ryder! We went to dinner and went to see Slumdog Millionaire. I have to mention it because it was a VERY good film. We decided it was a lot more "gritty" than we thought it would be, but it gives true insight into the life growing up in the slums and is just a really good movie. So we had a good, much needed night to ourselves! Saturday I worked, Poppy hung with Ryder again and got my mom from her conference and we had dinner at the house... I made a yummy Asian meal from my newest RR cookbook! (ginger flank steak, wasabi smashed potatoes, soy/sesame green beans)!!! Yummo. :) Sunday we did the normal church stuff and they headed out after lunch. This weekend also started this... I promise we did not set this up, he started climbing up and playing all by himself... video to follow.

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