Monday, January 12, 2009

playing catch up...

Since ringing in the new year we've been playing catch up. Let's see, we've battled a random virus from which Ryder had a 103 fever for 4 days and I got a fever and had to miss work. Then I got pink eye!?! what??? Plus on top of that I'm pretty sure Ryder's top teeth are really trying to break through and he's become Mr. McClingy! He LOVES "mamamama." Which most times is kind of endearing, but not so much when he's crawling around the house after me all day screaming my name! Or throwing an all out FIT when I leave for work or standing on me while trying to make dinner...

And this is what Christmas had done to my house! :)

He's so stressed because he can't even figure out what to play with!

But he LOVES playing with his new music table & drum!

And a little storytime with Daddy last night while Mommy watched the Golden Globes! :)

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