Saturday, January 3, 2009


9 months old today! He's been with us as just as long as he was in my tummy!
Things he's up to now:
*20.5 pounds!
*crawling - EVERYWHERE.
*standing holding on to things
*walking while holding onto things (the couch, chairs, you, etc.)
*jabbering!!! Says "Mama" and what sometimes sounds like "Dada"
*Plays peek-a-boo with various cloths/blankets
*laughs a lot
*loves to drum, "read" his books, and make "calls" on his new phone and tries to play with Rocky - who is now slightly afraid of this fast growing little being.
*still has 2 little bottom teeth, but it seems the top 2 are on their way SOON.
*eats anything you put near his mouth! (seriously he has yet to turn anything away) he loves avocados & bananas, but has tried a lot and just started to eat some small table food like cheerios, pasta, yogurt, crackers, veggies & cheese
*is very social and VERY active and always ready to GO!


Kara said...

Cute pictures, Beth! What kind of camera did you get? How in the world has nine months passed already!?!?

-Beth- said...

It's a cannon power shot- it has that cool color extract feature.