Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Food!

Several people have asked me about making baby food. So I thought I'd do a little blog about it. I try to make most of Ryder's baby food at home with organic veggies. I heard of people doing that before I had him and thought it was crazy and a waste of time. It's actually very easy, very simple, and VERY cheap. I am not all crazy against using a jar of baby food though, we buy jars here and there for travel and such. Ryder's been eating ALL kinds of things and so far he's liked everything! He loves avocados & bananas - and they are the easiest. So this is kinda how it goes...
Frozen organic peas ($2.00): cook in the microwave or boil


Ryder sits and watches and drinks water from his sippy cup - look what a big boy! :)

Butternut squash ($2-$3): roasting in the oven

pull the inside out and stick in the blender:

Most of the time I just use it fresh for the week or so. Sometimes I freeze the food in ice cubes, then just pop it out and microwave it when needed and it looks like this:

So there you have it... Baby food. a la cuisine!

On another note - I've started working for IWL (Interactive Worship Live) doing admin/publishing stuff from home a few hours a week. This is the same company Daniel does editing stuff for. It's been a little process getting in the groove with Ryder, I'm learning to value nap time! :) Wednesday I was really trying to get a few things done and Ryder just wouldn't slow down! We were in the guest room while I was trying to print some stuff out, do stuff online and talk on the phone. I had toys all over the floor, but that was not what he wanted. At one point he was drumming on the printer, at one point he was trying to crawl in Rocky's crate and at one point I look down to see this...

By the time I grabbed the camera he was on his way out, at first all I saw was feet! :)

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