Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My nap problem...

THIS is what Ryder is doing right now... Napping, good right? Except he's in MY bed. I am not winning the nap war. I am a self admitted sucker. But he takes such nice long naps in my bed! He sleeps in his bed fine at night - usually from 8-8, great I know. But for some reason (well, many reasons, several of them my fault) he does not nap well in his own bed. THIS is what he does... Last week I decided I was gonna play hard ball and I let him cry for 40 mins, then rocked him for 20 more till he crashed, and I've done close to that several days. But I do not have the patience for that most day - thus, he's in my bed today. Bad mommy. On another note he is SO extremely close to taking off crawling. He took a tiny little move on his own yesterday and did learn how to get back up on his own now too. He's already scooting all around and getting all over the house doing the army crawl. I took a little video I need to post (since I never posted a 7 month video!) so I'll work on that. But here are some pics of him in action playing and scooting - almost crawling.

Notice his big new book below, thank you aunt Renita - he LOVES this book! :)

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becallen said...

I'm sure he gets all that silliness about nap time from his father. Hang tough, Mommy.